“Dorene is an accomplished animal trainer who has helped us over the span of several years with our dogs. Her patience, compassion, creativity, and overall experience are qualities we hold in the highest regard. We would recommend Dorene to anyone seeking assistance with their pet’s behavioral and training issues.” –Paul and Allison Hamtil, St. Louis, MO

“Dorene helped me successfully introduce a rescue cat (who did not like dogs) to our lab mix (who chased cats). Her knowledge of animal behavior is truly impressive. I had no idea how many behavioral cues I was missing, or worse, misinterpreting, until Dorene came to my house. She saw split-second interactions between my animals that I had completely missed. She taught me what to watch for, what is ‘normal’ and what isn’t, how to train my dog (who no longer chases my cat or my chickens), and how to problem solve when issues arise. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with training or behavioral problems.” –Laura Langton, PhD (biology)

“I have had the good fortune to encounter Dorene’s expertise in many areas: Wild waterfowl rescue, lost pet rescue, and dog training. I can vouch for her unwavering concern for all sentient animals (even humans!) and her skills in helping people and animals move past obstacles that seem insurmountable.” –Bonnie Hale, Dallas, TX, www.LostPetSpecialist.com

“Dorene Olson has been involved in the rescue of countless injured, orphaned, or abandoned ducks and geese. She was also among the first organizers of GeesePeace St Louis, which advocates the use of humane methods to manage population of Canada geese in urban areas. Under her wing, our feathered neighbors have a friend indeed.” –Nancy Schnell, coordinator, GeesePeace St. Louis

“Dorene is awesome! She is positive, calm, and patient, and has a tremendous amount of knowledge about so many animals. Dorene helped with my newly adopted rescue dog, Kia, a Siberian Husky, who needed socialization skills with other dogs and training to stop her running away when she was let off leash. Dorene was a great help with both problems. Kia now loves other dogs, especially the little ones, and can be walked with a long training lead dangling beside her.” –Linda Brandon, St. Louis, MO

“I have known Dorene for years, through several birds and dogs, so when one of my grooming clients bit her owner, I recommended calling Dorene. Sure enough Dorene was able to work her magic on this little case of passive aggression. Not only can I now groom the dog without a muzzle, she has been a wonderful family pet to the family’s baby, now 2 years’ old. They have another baby on the way and can feel confident in their dog’s behavior around children.

Thanks to Dorene, my client has a dog the whole family can trust and enjoy. And I’m grateful to Dorene for making my life easier as a groomer!” –Niki Shaffer

“Dorene has been a wonderful help to the subdivision in controlling the Canadian Geese situation around our lake. We were able to keep the Pekings year-round thanks to Dorene showing us how to train them to go into their duck house each evening where they would be safe. What an added treat for the neighborhood kids and all the residents to enjoy the beauty of nature. We could not have done this without Dorene.” –Stu Leventhal, Trustee for Walden Pond Subdivision


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