Bird & Exotic Pet Training

Cockonutty Bird, foster Cockatoo

Foster parrot Cockonut, adopted by an exotic vet

Does Your Pet…

Show aggression? Bite or hiss? Screech, shriek, or vocalize excessively? Pluck feathers or lick fur obsessively? Need taming? Chew on woodwork or upholstery? Avoid or resist handling? Rest easy. We can help. Sharing your home with an exotic bird or pet can be a joy, as long as you set up the right environment, provide appropriate stimulation, and understand your pet’s needs. How? Professional animal trainer and behavior consultant Dorene Olson can help you manage or change your pet’s behavior. Why wait? Get in touch now to find out how we can help with your pet’s behavior problem.

What We Can Help With

Bird behavior problems & training: Aggression, biting, nipping, screaming or other excessive vocalization, feather plucking or self-mutilation, phobias, potty training, tricks, and shaping new behavior. Exotic pet training: Handling and taming, litter training (where relevant), aggression, solutions to chewing and digging, environmental enrichment, care and feeding advice.

How We Work

Consultation (1–2 hours) A consultation to evaluate your pet’s behavior. Sometimes, an underlying medical problem contributes to behavior problems and Dorene may recommend a visit to your vet before beginning a behavior modification program. What you get: An understanding of your pet’s behavior, recommendations on what to do next, and management tips for immediate relief and improvement. Call or email now for a chat about your pet’s behavior and an assessment of time and charges.
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