Cat Behavior

Does Your Cat…

Soil the house?

Have litter box problems?

Hiss, scratch, swat at, or bite people?

Act aggressively with other pets?

Scratch the furniture?

Meow excessively?

Lick herself raw?

These and many other behavior problems can be greatly improved or solved completely.

How? Through effective yet kind behavior modification techniques. No need for coercion or fear. We pinpoint the cause of your cat’s behavior and create a behavior modification program that will reduce or eliminate the problem.

Why wait? Get in touch now for more information, a talk about your cat, and to find out how we can help.

What We Can Help With

All common cat behavior problems: House-soiling and litter box problems, spraying, scent marking, aggression (biting, scratching, and swatting), excessive meowing or other vocalization, obsessive grooming and other obsessive behavior (such as light chasing), destruction of furniture.

How We Work

Step 1: Initial Consultation (1–2 hours)

An in-depth consultation to evaluate your cat’s behavior. Sometimes, an underlying medical problem contributes to behavior problems and Dorene may recommend a visit to your vet before beginning a behavior modification program.

What you get: An understanding of your cat’s behavior, recommendations on what to do next, and management tips for immediate relief and improvement.

Step 2: Behavior Modification Work

We write a behavior modification program for your cat and show you how to implement it.

What you get: A way to reduce or eliminate unwanted behavior—and the means to get there.

Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and in the privacy of your home. We encourage the whole family to take part.

Call or email now for a chat about your cat’s behavior and an assessment of time and charges.

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