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Bellefonataine Cemetery  Canada Goose Problem?

Watch a National Fox News segment on Dorene and WyndSong Border Collies & Canada goose management.
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Due to a lack of natural predators Canada geese populations have exploded—and these opportunistic, adaptable birds easily get used to people. If you’re in charge of a public park, athletic field, golf course, parking lot, corporate property, a university or school park or field, or simply have lawns or ponds on your property, you may well be struggling with some of the following:

Over-grazed lawns.

Droppings and feathers everywhere.

Aggressive behavior, especially during nesting season.

Noise problems.

Public safety concerns.

Nutrient loading in your pond.

Fortunately, there’s an effective, humane solution.

WyndSong Border Collies & Canada Goose Management

Through WyndSong, Dorene Olson provides private and municipal clients with humane goose control using highly trained Border collies and a number of management and prevention techniques.

These environmentally friendly and affordable measures are extremely successful, and a great alternative to unsafe chemical deterrents. We also assist in conflict resolution in communities that have become divided over this difficult and frustrating problem.

What We Do

Harassment: We use highly trained Border collies to gently, but persistently encourage the geese to fly to less populated areas—or we train the gaggle to fly to an area agreed on with the client.

Habitat modification: We provide recommendations for changing mowing heights (geese like short, succulent grass), planting prairie grass or other species less palatable to geese, ceasing pond aeration, exclusion fencing, use of Mylar tape, and more.

Permit assistance: Where relevant, we can help you obtain the necessary USDA and Department of Conservation permits for egg addling, nest destruction, or the capture and treatment of injured Canada geese. Dorene works closely with both the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Wildlife Rescue Center, and carries permission to work with these federally protected species.

Call or email now for an assessment of time and charges.

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